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Dear TVET College Students

Today’s online lesson is based on the Mathematics Level 4 subject for NC(V) students.
The topic: Application of Differentiation - Rates of change.

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AS the student body of Tshwane South TVET College, there are many experiences we are set to encounter when we enter tertiary. This is a phase of immense growth, learning how to be a responsible adult and much more to be independent. However our own experience is quite a new one and nothing has been so motivating and encouraging than to see the student community, despite the adversities we face, show up to empower themselves with education.
Salutations are to the community of students. As the president of the Student Representative Council, my aspirations for the academic year were different to what we constantly have to address and resolve as the student leadership however being a leader requires not being too familiar with the challenges but rather to encounter new challenges and emerge victorious against them. I would like to assure you that we are still your voice, we are still advocating for your academic need to be met and we will continue to ensure that the learning environment is conducive.
The student representative of this academic year is a dynamic one, we have had to learn the importance of putting the differences of political affiliations, characters and gender roles aside and to make the objective about the students and what your needs are. We are a constituency that has actively ensured that we reach out to the entire student body, even with the restrictions we were met with, like the closure of the college, and the lockdown among others and we intend to set the trend for the leadership that come after us, to show them what it means to be a leader in the digital world, and even more what it means to be a leader in a time that none of us could have anticipated
Tsietsi Mashinini said “students today want to be recognized as human beings because we know if we don’t do what we think is right for us now, our children will suffer the same way we are suffering” and in accordance to our challenges today, we need to ensure that we embrace a new way of learning and whole new environment at our campuses.
Some of the most crucial issues we face as the student community is NSFAS, and quite recently, the need to increase our digital footprint. We have always preached the importance of blending the fourth industrial revolution into our way of life at the college, be it with learning or registrations, etc. and now more than ever we pressured to make those strides as a college and as the leadership and voice of the students, we continue to reiterate the importance of introducing eLearning to the relevant authority. However, we do recognize the need to address the difficulties that students may face with regards to introducing eLearning and we can assure all that no student will be left behind.
As part of the mandate we have set for ourselves, we want to ensure that students continue to receive their allowances in accordance to the rules and guidelines of the National Financial Aid Scheme and by so doing we have welcomed the National Financial Aid Scheme wallet system and will continuously work with the office of the financial aid with regards to any difficulties that you as the student body may encounter.

This time has allowed us to recognize the most important things to have in life which is education, family and good health. We encourage the students to stay safe, always wear a mask and sanitize. As the student representative council president, I and my constituency would like to thank you for trusting us with your voices.


Vision, Mission and Values


To be a world class further education and training college.

Our Mission:
Tshwane South College empowers learners through high quality vocational education and training.

Excellence - in all we do
Fairness - in all our dealings
Respect - towards one another
Trust - in one another
Integrity - in our ethical behaviour

Corporate Identity:
This logo was primarily designed to symbolise an individual generically (in keeping with and showing solidarity with goverment's BATHO PELE - the people first, project), the interaction and dynamic processes between assessor and the learner. It also symbolises that the college is people driven and the continuous development they receive through their learning experience, reaching to the future with a vision to be recognised as a world class further education and training college.


The individual, the circle, the institution, excellence
Trust, solidarity, continuous processes, perpetual learning, future.

Dark blue = assessors
Light blue = learners, aspects from small to large through the growth, development, education and training experience.

Respect and integrity

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