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Wellness Campaign at TSC TVET


A wellness Campaign was held at TSC TVET recently. Non-profit organisations such as Brothers for life and Rona rea shoma were there to raise an awareness. Brothers for life went with the slogan “Yenza kahle” they were there to promote voluntary medical male circumcision, safe sex promotion. Rona re shoma on the other hand promoted HIV Counselling and testing. Students were tested for sugar diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol. Both campaigns were a success and the tests were done on both students and staff who volunteered to be tested.

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ISATS by Office Admin NC(V) students @ TSC TVET


Recently the NCV Level 4 students at Atteridgeville Campus were tasked with researching of different cultures. Students were divided into groups of ±6, Each member of a group was allocated duties as well as responsibilities. The group had to research and compile information about the country chosen from the following list of Continents /Regions: Eastern Europe, Western Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Australia and South Africa. A cultural event of their choice was to be selected. All groups were dressed up in the attire of the culture of their choice. The groups also had to go to an extend of cooking food eaten by the people from the origin of the Continent they chose. Amongst other points students were allocated marks on the following aspects:
• Quality of the cultural event
• Respect for the particular culture represented.
• Level of information gained from the culture / country selected.
• The evidence that the hall was booked for the event.
• Posters for the event as a marketing tool etc.

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Spring Bash 2015


Spring Bash 2015


The annual Spring bash was held at the Pretoria West Campus grounds on 11 September. The weather befitted the event very well because it was sunny and hot. Students had their shades and some had their shorts on in celebration of summer. This event is celebrated yearly to welcome new students and to also ease the nerves of the current students as they prepare for the upcoming exams. The likes of DJ Oskido, DJ Christos, Silly Bean, Bucie etc. formed the line-up of the day. Mashabela Galane was the Master of Ceremonies for the event and had everyone in stitches as he cracked jokes.

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Drug Awareness Campaign


Drug Awareness Campaign


KE MOJA, I AM FINE WITHOUT DRUGS. That’s the slogan that the Department of Social Development stressed at their recent awareness campaign at TSC TVET. This was evident on their banners and all promotional material. Students flocked to the gazebo of the Department of Social Development in search of information. Pamphlets indicating the dangers of substance abuse were issued out to the students. It was also a questions and answer time where students asked many questions concerning the use of drugs.

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Vision, Mission and Values


To be a world class further education and training college.

Our Mission:
Tshwane South College empowers learners through high quality vocational education and training.

Excellence - in all we do
Fairness - in all our dealings
Respect - towards one another
Trust - in one another
Integrity - in our ethical behaviour

Corporate Identity:
This logo was primarily designed to symbolise an individual generically (in keeping with and showing solidarity with goverment's BATHO PELE - the people first, project), the interaction and dynamic processes between assessor and the learner. It also symbolises that the college is people driven and the continuous development they receive through their learning experience, reaching to the future with a vision to be recognised as a world class further education and training college.


The individual, the circle, the institution, excellence
Trust, solidarity, continuous processes, perpetual learning, future.

Dark blue = assessors
Light blue = learners, aspects from small to large through the growth, development, education and training experience.

Respect and integrity

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